Department of Commerce has identified 12-Champion Services Sectors for promoting their development and realizing their potential, including Information Technology & Information Technology enabled Services (IT & ITeS). A dedicated fund of Rs. 5000 crores has been established to support initiatives for sectoral Action Plans of the Champion Sectors with around Rs. 600 crores reserved for the IT / ITeS sector through MeitY, Government of India.. 

Under the Champion Services Sector Scheme (CSSS) a total amount of Rs.3369.75 Cr for 3-5 years has been approved by the Expenditure Finance Committee based on the proposals submitted by the concerned Ministry/Department, details of which are at Annexure.

As per the guidelines of the Scheme, there is a three-tier monitoring mechanism, namely the concerned Ministry/Department, the Department of Commerce and the Committee of Secretaries chaired by the Cabinet Secretary. Details of action taken under the Scheme are as under: (i) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has initiated the following projects under CSSS, namely:

  1. Future Skills PRIME: Under the Future Skills PRIME Programme more than 1,93,000 candidates have signed-up on the FS PRIME Portal. More than 29,000 candidates have enrolled for National Occupational Standards/National Skill Qualification Framework aligned Foundation/ Deep Skilling courses, out of which 4000 candidates have completed the course. Under blended learning programme, Resource Centres have trained 241 trainers and 1182 Govt. officials.
  2. Next Generation Incubation Scheme (NGIS):The NGIS aims to create a vibrant software product eco-system to complement the robust IT industry. The 1st Start-up has been launched and final selection of the beneficiaries is underway.

(ii)Ministry of Tourism: For the various components of the sub-schemes of Ministry of Tourism, Rs.38.14 Cr has so far been utilized, namely:

  1. Creation of Tented Accommodation in Buddhist Circuit including Promotion & Marketing: Proposals for selection of Consultant/Transaction Advisor for creation of tented accommodation have been invited and Ministry of Tourism is producing short films on Buddhist sites of Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kapilvastu, Shravasti, Kushinagar, Vaishali, Rajgir and Sanchi for showcasing these destinations in domestic and international markets.
  2. Extending Incentives for Improving Air Connectivity: 46 Tourism routes have been awarded to identified airlines by Ministry of Civil Aviation under the RCS UDAN3 Scheme. 21 of these routes have been operationalized till date.
  3. Capacity Building Programmes in &around Iconic Sites(Language training of Tourist Facilitators): Incredible India Tourist Facilitator (IITF) Certification Programme, a pan-India online learning programme has been launched and over 7000 participants have registered for the programme and examination for the 1st batch of IITF Certification basic course exam has been held.

(iii) Ministry of Education: Under the Internationalization of Higher Education Scheme, work has started with respect to the following three sub-schemes:

  1. Scholarships: A total of 3668 scholarships have been utilised during the academic years 2019 and 2020.
  2. Strengthening of Infrastructure: Data collection from all the partnering institutes to identify the institutes for the purpose of this sub-scheme has commenced.
  3. Translation of promotional material text in multiple languages: Existing brochures are being translated into various foreign languages.

An amount of Rs 100 Cr was allocated in RE 2020-21, of which Rs 87.21 Cr has been utilised.

(iv) Ministry of AYUSH launched its sectoral scheme in 2020-21 and out of Rs.15.00 Crore allocated for FY 2020-21, Rs.10.59 Cr has been released. Proposals have been invited for establishment of AYUSH Super Specialty Hospitals/Day Care Centresto promote AYUSH based medical tourism and for skill development in AYUSH sector.

(v) Department of Telecommunication was allocated a total of Rs 15 Cr in 2019-2021, of which they have spent Rs.1.07 Cr under their sectoral scheme Brand building of India as Telecom Manufacturing and Services Destination. Department of Telecommunication has released grants for participation in events like Global Exhibition on Services, Bangalore, BASIS Soft Expo, ConnecTechAsia 2020, AfricaCom 2020, Africa ICT Expo 2020 and India Mobile Congress 2020.


Fund recommended by EFC under Champion Services Sector Scheme (Rs. Cr.)
S.Ministry/ Dept.Sectoral SchemeSub-Scheme/ComponentsTotalBudgetary Requirement

2019- 202020- 212021- 222022- 232023- 24
1Ministry of Human Resource DevelopmentCSSS-Higher Education
Internationalisation of Higher Education

a) Scholarships562.50112.50112.50112.50112.50112.50
b) Strengthening of Infrastructure100.0033.3033.3033.40__
c) Strengthening Digital Infrastructure-Multilingual Website11.503.833.833.84__ 
d) Translation of Promotional Material Text in Multiple Languages0.
e) Introducing the City and Heritage Walks1.120.370.370.38__
f) Orientation/Seminar/Workshop/Alumni Meet3.561.191.191.18__
g) Bridge Course in English31.5010.5010.5010.50__
2Department of TelecommunicationCSSS Communication Servicesa) Brand Building of India as a Telecom Manufacturing and Services Destination46.2015.4015.4015.40__
b) Setting up of Digital Communications Innovation Square104.0017.5044.5042.00__
3Ministry of AYUSHCSSS – Medical Value TravelMedical Tourism in AYUSH Sector 

a) Establishment of AYUSH Health Care Super Specialty Day Care/Hospital*514.00117.78178.99121.7166.5528.95
b)Skill Development in AYUSH Sector and Establishment of AYUSH GRID255.00103.3980.1271.50__
4Ministry of Housing and Urban AffairsCSSS – Construction and  Related Engineering ServicesNirman Kaushal VikasYojana


a) Improving Vocational Training Infrastructure and Certification for Skilled Workers in the Construction Industry
b) Promotion of Onsite Training of Workers and Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry

c) Promotion of Research and Innovation in the Construction Sector
5Ministry of TourismCSSS – Tourism and Hospitality Servicesa) Creation of Tented Accommodation in Buddhist Circuit140.0032.0050.0058.00__
b) Extending Incentives for Improving Air Connectivity225.0075.0075.0075.00__
c) Capacity Building Programs in & Around Iconic Sites90.0030.0030.0030.00__
d) Incentives to Tour Operators in Emerging Markets
e) MICE Tourism5.401.581.802.02__
6Ministry of Electronics & Information TechnologyCSSS – IT-ITeSa) Future Skills PRIME (NASSCOM)436.87145.62145.62145.63__
b) Next Generation Incubation Services95.0331.6831.6831.67__
c) Market Development Initiative in Nordic and African Region4.861.621.621.62__
d) Market Outreach (ESC)

Grand Total for 6 Nodal Ministries/Dept.3369.75980.931064.191004.13179.05141.45

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council proposal to support its MSME Members under the Market Outreach Program of Champion Services Scheme has been approved by the Government of India.  ESC will have four consortiums with participation of five non-competing companies in each for setting up Business & Marketing Office Support i.e. two each in USA and UK.  Each consortium will be provided with a physical office space (soft-landing / co-working / incubator), one local Marketing Executive, and an Office Assistant to assist each group, which will be identified and finalised later.

The program assistance is primarily focused to assist Small & Medium IT companies having export capabilities to penetrate these two important markets for their IT products and Services.

                                                                                  (USD : Per Month/Each Center)

SrDescriptionBudgetGovernment ShareIndustry Share
AOffice Rental1000900100
BMarketing Executive80007200800
COffice Assistant15001350150

The cost of Physical Business & Marketing Office, Marketing Executive and Office Executive will be subsidised by the Council by 90% and balance 10% would be payable by the five participating consortium members.  A 10% amount to ESC would also be payable by each participating company towards administrative fee.

Indian IT companies with an export turnover upto  Rs. 10 crore having innovative technology segments export potential and existing exports to USA / UK will be given preference under the program.

The final selection will be subject to scrutiny of applications by the ESC Committee comprising of Industry Members and nominees of the Government of India and the decision would be final and binding.

Guidelines for the Champion Services Sector Scheme (CSSS) 

The service sector contributes significantly to India’s GDP, exports, FDI inflow and job creation. Services growth has been aiding India’s overall growth, especially in the last two decades. Services trade surplus has been financing more than 50% of India’s merchandise trade deficit. The Honourable Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the service sector in his inaugural address at the Global Exhibition on Services 2015 and emphasized his vision to make India the services hub of the world. 

The services sector is facing global headwinds of creeping protectionism, trade wars and slowdown. Focused sectoral initiatives are required to revive services sector growth. India’s services exports are characterized by over dependence on IT &ITES. For sustained growth, there is an urgent need for diversification to new sectors. Accordingly, the Department of Commerce (DOC) prepared a note for the consideration of the Cabinet on ‘Action Plan for Champion Sectors in Services’. 

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Honourable Prime Minister in February 2018 approved the proposal of DoC to give focused attention to 12 identified Champion Services Sectors for promoting their development and realizing their potential. These include Information Technology & Information Technology enabled Services (IT &ITes), Tourism and Hospitality Services, Medical Value Travel, Transport and Logistics Services, Accounting and Finance Services, Audio Visual Services, Legal Services, Communication Services, Construction and Related Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Financial Services and Education Services. 

The Union Cabinet directed the nodal Ministries/Departments concerned to consider/build upon the indicative draft sectoral plans furnished by DoC to finalize and implement the Action Plans for the identified Champion Services Sectors. The respective line Ministries/Departments are required to finalize the implementation timelines along with a monitoring-mechanism to-monitor-implementation of the Action Plan  under the overall guidance of Secretaries (COS) under the Cabinet Secretary. The Union Cabinet also approved creation of an earmarked dedicated fund of Rs.5000 Crore to enable expedited approvals for funding, as required, of sectoral initiatives of the identified Champion Services sectors.

For detailed guidelines, please click HERE :